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The vision of BioStruct-Africa is to train Africa-based scientists in the field of structural biology while supporting the vision and roadmap towards building the first African light source. Structural biology is one of the rare and yet extremely important skills for Africa. The African Light Source (AfLS) Foundation is delighted that BioStruct-Africa is building structural biology capacity for Africa-based scientists.

The AfLS foundation is fortunate to have BioStruct-Africa as a partner in the vision and roadmap towards building the first African Light Source. Establishing structural biology centres and a synchrotron light source in Africa is long overdue. Indeed, Africa is the only continent without a light source. A light source would have enormous benefits in terms of fighting the diseases that are prevalent in Africa. Thus, the AfLS foundation fully endorses the BioStruct-Africa initiative.

Prof. Simon Connell
CHAIR AfLS Executive Committee

University of Johannesburg, South Africa

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