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Advert: Hands-On Training in Structural Biology - A Tool for Sustainable Development in Africa (Series 5)


Empower Your Career with Advanced Structural Biology Skills!

Join us for the fifth series of our renowned workshop, "Hands-On Training in Structural Biology." This workshop will focus on utilizing AlphaFold for protein structural determination and applying these structures to screen small molecule compound libraries for drug discovery. Participants will also gain expertise in protein structural analysis and interpretation.


Workshop Highlights:

  • AlphaFold Training: Master the use of AlphaFold for accurate protein structural determination.

  • Drug Discovery: Learn to use protein structures to screen small molecule compound libraries.

  • Structural Analysis: Participate in practical sessions on protein structural analysis and interpretation.

  • Expert Lectures: Gain insights from leading professionals in the field.

  • Networking: Build connections with peers and experts.


Support for Participants:

  • Travel, accommodation, and visa fees will be covered.

  • Special encouragement for female applicants to apply.


Application Requirements: 

To apply for this innovative workshop, please submit the following documents to

  1. CV: Detailed resume outlining your academic and professional experience.

  2. Motivation Letter: A maximum of 500 words explaining your interest in the workshop, your current work, and how you plan to apply the knowledge gained.

  3. Two Letters of Recommendation: Endorsements from professionals who can attest to your qualifications and potential.

  4. Institutional Support Letter: A letter from your Head of Department, Dean, or an appropriate leader in your home institution, committing to support you in organizing a similar workshop at your institution.


Why Attend?

  • Develop expertise in cutting-edge structural biology techniques.

  • Contribute to sustainable development through scientific advancement.

  • Enhance your professional skills and network.

  • Empower your institution by sharing newly acquired knowledge.


Take this opportunity to advance your career and make a significant impact on sustainable development in Africa.

Apply now and join a community of professionals dedicated to scientific excellence!


Contact Information: 

For more details and to submit your application, please email

Application Deadline: August 1st, 2024


Harness the power of structural biology for a sustainable future. Apply today!

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