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BioStruct-Africa is organizing a virtual symposium at the 11th African Congress of Immunology 1-5 August 2021 (

BioStruct-Africa received a grant from the Company of Biologist to support our hands-on training workshop in Structural Biology for sustainable development in Africa to be held in Accra Ghana on the 28th of January 2019.

The Milenium Development Goals (MDGs) has past, while significant progress was made, more work needs to be done to ensure we all prosper together globally and no one is left behind. This has lead to the world leaders and UN committing to a more ambitious goals (17 goals), now referred to as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The founder of Biostruct-Africa, recently graduated with a Master’s in Global Health at Karolinska Institutet, During his time at KI, he learnt how to use Biotechnology as a tool to realising the 17 SDGs.
BioStruct-Africa will be conducting a hands-on training workshop in Structural Biology at the 2nd Pan African Conference on Crystallography (PCCr2) to be held at one of BioStruct-Africa's partner, The University of Ghana from 28th January 2019 to 2nd February 2019.
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In its commitment to deliver hands-on training to researchers in low and middle-income countries for sustainable development, Biostruct-Africa was at the International Centre For Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology, New Delhi  to train PhD students, Postdocs, Junior PIs and PI on the tricks of the trade in crystallizing membrane proteins by the lipidic cubic phase (LCP) method.

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